Sunday, February 12, 2017

Celebrating Valentine's Day With Little Ones

Today is the day of Love! Ok lets face it, as a single mother the only thing I'll be doing is basically the same thing I do everyday haha. Just because you're spending VDay with the little ones doesn't mean you can't still enjoy it! I did a post on my beauty blog about How To Celebrate Valentine's Day While Single, and now I want to show how to celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids. 

I wanted to do something that we would both enjoy so of course I hopped on Pinterest to look for cute arts and crafts to do. I found these cute hand paint flowers and knew right away that my daughter would love to do some hand painting. I found some wooden decor in the dollar section at Target so I picked out a heart and a LOVE one for myself. I then went to the arts and craft section and found paint colors for $1.99 and a pack and paint brushes for $4.99. I grabbed a free newspaper from a street vendor and used it to keep paint off of my table. Mani definitely had a ball painting and putting handprints on her heart. 

Next we made cupcakes because of course what kiddo doesn't love cupcakes, I mean what mommy doesn't love cupcakes haha. I probably should have put down more paper because as you can see Mani got a little too excited with the sprinkles. Haha. Now excuse me while I go and clean my kitchen. 

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your little ones?


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