Monday, September 4, 2017

So Meat Equals Death?!

Ok y'all. So recently I've had a couple people mention to me that I should watch this documentary called What The Health on Netflix, and each time was during conversations regarding my daughter. She suffers from Dairy, Egg, & Peanut allergies along with asthma and eczema. So I finally decided to sit down and watch it and man y'all my life has been changed! After watching the documentary I feel like I have to cut out dairy, eggs and meat not only for myself but for the health of my children. It's crazy how much our diet effects our health!

So of course, number one thing I do is hop on Youtube because I'm like "Ok where do I start?!" I mean in all honesty the information is so overwhelming that if you don't figure out where to start it's easy to just forget about it. Fortunately I know a little about Vegan since I buy vegan Ice Cream and things like that for my daughter because of her allergies, plus I have a couple vegan friends and and I follow a few vegan beauty influencers, so I immediately started asking questions and doing my own research. I even went to the co-op to stock up on some different vegan things. 

So far I've been watching TheChicNaturals vegan meal videos, and they genuinlly look so bomb so I definitely would recommend watching her videos!

Now this definitely is going to be a journey and I hope to share with you my transition to the vegan life. If any of you are already vegan or even vegetarian and have advice or foods suggestions I should try, please leave them in the comments because I want to know!!


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